Part 1
vUnit: 6, pages 86-88

vGrade: 6th

vNumber of pupils: 20

vTime allocated: 1x40

vTeaching aids: English book pages 86-87, 3 cards, whiteboard, computer, projector, a song (, internet, 7 pictures from places in London and a card with 3 pictures and adverbs.

vGeneral objective: They will have learnt general things about London and recognize and use the reflexive pronouns. They also should be able to describe orally what they know about London, practice their reading, listening and writing skills.

vSpecific objectives:
  • Structural: Reflexive pronouns.
  • Skills: Reading, writing, speaking and listening.
  • Lexical: Tower, Bridge and Dungeon.

  • Warm-up and revision of relevant language: In the previous lesson children learnt the adverbs and we are going to have a quickly revision. I will provide to them a card with three photos and three adverbs and I will tell them to make sentences with the above adverbs (Skill: Speaking. Purpose: The purpose of this is to practice the speaking skill and remember what we have done previously. Estimated time: 5 minutes).

  • Activity 1: Firstly I put on the board a picture of Pink Panther because he is a cartoon character who everybody knows and is a way to attract their interests. I also provide a card which presents the question that needs to be answered by the students. The question is: “Do you know where is London?” After they have answered the question I provide them another question which asks: “Do you know any famous places in London?” When they tell me a place I will show the picture of it. After this question we move to the next activity (Skill: speaking. Purpose: the purpose of this is to practice the communicative skills of the students by answering the questions. Estimated time: 5 minutes).

  • Activity 2: After this exercise we are doing the listening of page 87. They listen it once and they do the exercise. When they put the activities in the correct order they listen it again and complete exercise B (Skills: Listening. Purpose: The purpose of this activity is to exercise children’s listening skills. Estimated time: 10 minutes).

  • Activity 3: After finishing with that we continue with grammar. They will be taught something new, the reflexive pronouns and I tell them some examples to understand them. For example, I tell them: When somebody can’t pass the road alone we tell that he can’t pass the road by himself. Then I ask them: When a girl can’t study alone what are we telling? Then I write on the board: Maria is she so we put herself. Michalis is a boy so we put himself. For more explanation I create on the board a brainstorming using the personal pronouns and the reflexive pronouns. I ask them to find the correct reflexive pronoun for the personal pronoun. They raise their hands and tell the answers (Skill: Speaking. Purpose: The purpose of this activity is to exercise children’s speaking skills and also to learn the reflexive pronouns and how to use them productively. Estimated time: 20 minutes).

The braistorming activity will present in the followig file:

  • Activity 4: I read and explain the instructions of exercise B page 87 and ask the students to begin the exercise individually in class for the time that is left and finish it at home. While they are working I will put them to listen a song about London (Skills: Writing and listening. Purpose: The purpose of this exercise is to use the reflexive pronouns in sentences and have rest by listening the song. Estimated time: 5 minutes).

Part 2

vThey might have some unknown words and have some difficulties in the reflexive pronouns.

vTo overcome these difficulties I will explain the words and I will create the brainstorming.

vIn case I finish earlier I will tell them to do exercise B in page 87 and listen a song.

vThey will have to finish exercise B at home if they don’t finish in the class.